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Fungi Pine Cone-ouflauge


Endless fields of purple flowers in foreground, Mount Fuji still capped with snow in the background.  

Polar bear jumping between ice floes in the Arctic Ocean
For an animal that probably weighs 700-800lbs it’s pretty sprightly. It is remarkable to us that something so heavy and so bulky is able to achieve such feats of agility, especially on such a fragile surface, but the environment in which it lives demands this combination of great size, great shape and great agility. Not only must they travel in this environment, but they hunt in a remarkable way; one of the classic Polar bear hunting techniques, known as the aquatic stalk, involves swimming on or under the surface to the edge of an ice floe on which a seal rests. In a fraction of a second the bear will explode from the water, hauling its enormous bulk out of the water and on top of the seal. They really are one of the most remarkable animals on the planet, combining behaviour so adaptable that it reminds us of ourselves with strength and power that would be considered superhuman.
I shot the sequence from the which the gif is created at around 80N, out in the Arctic Ocean east of the island of Nordaustlandet in the archipelago of Svalbard.
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worst part of fall and winter is how it stays darker later in the morning and gets dark earlier at night

Tracy Arm Fjord by Rennett Stowe